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Mister Sparky increased their average ticket for technicians by 25% with Rilla

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Rilla has increased our average ticket for technicians by 25%

Mister Sparky is a Houston-based company specializing in electrical repairs for thousands of homeowners. The team manages dozens of employees across multiple locations and needed a window into daily conversations without increasing ridealongs. As they grew, it was time to explore a more scalable solution.

The challenges

Mister Sparky ensures the highest-quality service by supporting each technician with personalized sales coaching, but finding bandwidth for feedback in such a fast-paced sales environment was increasingly challenging for managers and supervisors.

"We were unable to have a full view of our product delivery," said Aaron Childress, Regional General Manager at Mister Sparky. "Without ridealongs, it was tough to evaluate the level of delivery achieved in the home."

Ridealongs with customer-facing technicians took anywhere from four to six hours, and Mister Sparky General Manager John Whitfield didn’t have enough time in a day to do everything.

“It's important to partner with a company like Rilla because there's just not enough of me to go around. Having the ability to scale what I do and listen to many, many ridealongs is super beneficial for me. I'm able to be everywhere at once,” John said.

Rilla captures conversations at scale

Rilla offers an easier way to ensure quality services without conventional ridealongs. By capturing conversations through an app, technicians and managers can review interactions from anywhere. 

The team was "floored" by Rilla's capabilities. They can listen to 10 calls in the time it previously took to do one ridealong. "It was a game-changer for us," said Aaron.

They were concerned about technician buy-in, but they didn’t need to be. "Our technicians got to a point where they actually are telling us to listen to calls," John said. "They want our help, and they're begging us to listen to more."

The results

Mister Sparky implemented Rilla to drive sales and increase service effectiveness. It’s pulled the team closer together and become a place for peer-on-peer instead of manager-on-peer feedback.

It’s also helped managers give credit where credit’s due. "I'm able to hear all the great things [technicians] are doing," John said. "Then, I can give accolades and create engagement for those who are making our brand look great and our business stand out."

Working with Rilla, the average ticket sale increased by 25%. “I don't know of anything I've ever used before that has increased an average ticket by 25%.” John said.

“Rilla has enabled the scalability of our company. We have six different business units spread across the state, and I'm able to effectively manage and train technicians at different locations,” John said. “That's something we were not capable of doing before.”

"I would definitely recommend Rilla," Aaron said. "I almost don't want my competitors to have that advantage, but ultimately, it's better for the trades. If we raise our standard of care for customers, it's a rising tide that raises all ships."

“If I found out Rilla was being taken away from my business, I would feel like we just went back 20 years. I'd feel like we're in the Stone Age again. There's no way I would go back. There's no way,” John said.

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